Why use World Auto Group?

We save you the time and frustration of going to the dealer and trying to negotiate with salespeople. We guarantee to get the best possible lease or purchase price every time with any make or model .

Will using World Auto Group effect my warranty?

Absolutely not, your warranty will be honored at any authorized dealer and covered under manufacture’s warranty guidelines.

Can you help me with my current trade or sale ?

Yes! We have a team of outside wholesalers waiting to beat any dealer’s written offer.

Is there any extra fees going through World Auto Group?

No, we get paid by the dealer as an outside sales person.

Do I qualify for factory or financial institution  incentives through World Auto Group?

Absolutely ! We honor all factory incentives wether by the financial institution or factory.  We match every dealer incentive given in writing to the customer.

Can you help me with my lease turn-in?

Yes, we gladly except all our clients turn-ins. We also help you with the return process . Ask your associate how we can help.